Mpumalanga’s Thaba Chweu (TCM) local municipality, a major environmental problem

Farhad Essack, MP

DA member of the National Council of Provinces

A neglected refuse dump-site has become a major environmental problem and a human threat to residents of Thaba Chweu

Solid waste and a neglected refuse dump-site in Mpumalanga’s Thaba Chweu (TCM) local municipality, has become a major environmental problem causing extensive pollution, which threatens human health in the area.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is saddened by the fact that responsible residents of TCM local municipality, continue to pay for services that are far from basic standards.

Undoubtedly the citizens of TCM do not receive bang for their buck! The refuse dump, water treatment plant, roads, sewer system, storm-water drains, electrical reticulation networks and health services all continue to negatively impact the citizens and business community who have all but now lost faith in this ANC administered municipality.

It is indeed with shock and sadness that I see my municipality falling apart month by month. The degeneration of municipal infrastructure in Thaba Chweu municipality continues unabatedly.

The continuous and dangerous health hazard posed at the refuse dump site of Lydenburg continues unabatedly in spite of me personally laying charges against this municipality in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) on 18 March 2014. (Case No: 109/3/2014 ). The SAPS are also still unable to assist or give information as regards this charge, further contributing to TCM and its management to shamelessly contravene the NEMA laws.

The DA will be scheduling an appointment with senior management of TCM to discuss the ongoing disasterous situation surrounding Lydenburg, Sabie and Graskop. I will also request that I be presented with a plan as to how TCM intends to spend its Infrastructure Municipal Grants (IMG) received from national government. This I will table at the National Council of Provinces in Parliament.

The Mpumalanga provincial government is failing to intervene whilst this municipality continues to suffer from ANC led cadre deployment. The Mayor and all his actors in the various departments have shown no successful leadership instead leaving behind a legacy of failure and demise! How many more families will have to suffer the consequences of the toxic poisons emitted from the refuse sites?

How many more families will lose their loved ones on the treacherous roads of Thaba Chweu municipality? Surely the conscience must lay with these ANC deployed cadres!

The citizens and business community of TCM have now had enough!