Welcome news for the New Year

Safiyia Stanfley, MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education

The Democratic Alliance in the province is very happy that the department of Education has received an instruction to offer at least one grade 10 Mathematics class in all high schools in the province. We welcome this move.

Earlier this year, the department of Education indicated that nine schools in the province do not offer Mathematics for grade 12 pupils.

We trust that the initiative will be extended to ensure that all learners can take Mathematics in grade 12, as this subject is a requirement for many university courses. If we are to address the shortages of nurses, doctors and engineers in the province, we must begin by giving our school children the right education.

We trust that the capacity of schools to offer Mathematics has been considered. We hope to see continuous training of teachers to ensure that schools have sufficient teachers who can offer Mathematics in a clear, practical way.