Western Cape Government: fight against HIV/AIDS

Anroux Marais MPP

DA Spokesperson for Community Development

Since the detection of the first case in 1978 a lot has been done to disarm the scourge of HIV/ AIDS.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has been around for the last 34 years and should no longer be a stranger to us.

The danger that we may face is that of familiarity which brings contempt.

1 December, marked world Aids day 2014.

The global theme for the campaign is:

Getting to zero,   zero new HIV infections

zero discrimination

zero AIDS related deaths.

I take this opportunity to commend the Western Cape Department of Health in their efforts to provide a space and assistance in creating wellness in the province.

In terms of working towards the goal of zero AIDS related deaths the department has made major strides in attaining this goal.

HIV prevalence among the reproductive age population, which is 15-49 years, in the Western Cape has increased from 5.3% to 7.8%.

People living with HIV/AIDS are living longer with their disease and this is attributed to the successful progress the Western Cape Department of Health has made with improved access to antiretroviral treatments and therapy.

This is a feat in our fight against HIV/AIDS.

As Leaders who are striving to achieve zero, scientists ranging from medical to social scientist, doing their best to getting to zero, efforts will not yield much if individuals do not see themselves as responsible for at least their own health.

Personal responsibility in this sense is the determination by each one of us to do what is needed to get to zero.

I thank you.