ANC delivers filthy water to the people of Brandfort and Winburg

James Letuka

DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature

The ANC-led government in the Masilonyana Local Municipality is delivering filthy and contaminated water to the people of Brandfort and Winburg.


The tap water carries a strong odour and is brown/green in colour. A medical doctor in Brandfort has noticed an increase in the prevalence of waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea.

Must we wait for someone to die before action is taken, like in North-West Province?

Communities in the municipality have for years been forced to endure erratic water supply, and now they are forced to endure more suffering caused by the municipality’s inability to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

I have today written to COGTA MEC, Olly Mlamleli, requesting her department’s immediate intervention in the Masilonyana Local Municipality to ensure that this completely avoidable contamination of drinking water is put to a stop.

MEC Mlamleli is not known for her speedy and effective response to serious service delivery concerns and has in the past repeatedly ignored our constructive engagement.

As a result, we give MEC Mlamleli seven working days in which to respond positively to our request, failing which, the DA in the Free State will pursue other alternatives to compel the ANC-led government to ensure the supply of clean and safe drinking water to these communities.

The Free State Provincial Government under Ace Magashule have lofty ideals of growing the economy and creating jobs, yet it can’t even deliver clean drinking water to the people of the province.