EFF land grab policy a lawless publicity stunt

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

The EFF’s decision to occupy vacant land in Gauteng is not only lawless, but is also highly irresponsible and poses a great threat to people’s livelihoods.

This weekend, the EFF in Gauteng announced that it would carry out a programme to occupy all vacant land in the province, claiming that by doing so, it will “empower” dispossessed communities.

This however is not the case.

In November 2014, members of the EFF encouraged the illegal occupation of land in Nellmapius, Tshwane. This led to a series of clashes with Tshwane metro police, and left many shack dwellers destitute.

The illegal occupation of land, as proposed by the EFF, will only continue to entrench urban sprawl and the socio-economic hardships experienced by the poor in the province as it disconnects people from work opportunities, education and healthcare.

The DA has on numerous occasions requested that Gauteng Housing MEC, Jacob Mamabolo, establish a multi-party committee to audit housing needs in the province and assess current projects and allocation.

To date, there has been no political will to establish such a committee.

While the ANC led administration in Gauteng continues to ineffectively ramble on, as it has done for the last 21 years, the people of the province run the risk of being short changed by an anarchic organisation hell bent on furthering its own selfish ends.

The DA will request that the Departments of Infrastructure, Housing and the Office of the Premier enact an effective strategy to combat the lack of adequate, sustainable housing in Gauteng, and that will also take stern action against those who disregard the rule of law.