Filthy water for Masilonyana while Mayor takes R300 000.00 trip to Cuba

George Michalakis

DA member in the National Council of Provinces for the Free State and Constituency Head for the Lejweleputswa Region:

The communities of Brandfort and Winburg in the Masilonyana Local Municipality are forced to drink filthy and polluted water while the Executive Mayor, Cllr Steve Koalane, decided to take a 15 day trip costing R300 000.00 to Cuba by invitation along with a delegation led by Premier Ace Magashule.

The Masilonyana Council approved the cost of the trip while Mayor Koalane was already in the air in a desperate bid to legitimise the expenditure. The ticket was bought prior to Council’s approval. In fact, council documents show that approval was needed in order to prevent incurring unauthorised expenditure.

The actions by Mayor Koalane embarking on an all-expenses paid trip to Cuba at a time when communities in the municipality are experiencing a complete breakdown in basic service delivery, as well as being forced to endure unhygienic and polluted water supply, is indicative of his total disregard for the people.

Moreover, this extravagance flies in the face of the Provincial Treasury austerity measures announced. As we have said before, these austerity measures are cosmetic since the ANC lack the political will and determination to implement them.

This expenditure is irregular and the DA in the Masilonyana Local Municipality will move a motion that the costs incurred are recovered, from either the Mayor’s salary or collectively from all the councillors who voted in favour of this unauthorised expenditure, in line with the Municipal Finance and Management Act (MFMA).

Taxpayers can no longer foot the bill to supplement the luxurious lifestyles of ANC cadres in government.