No bandages for Ekurhuleni Ambulances

Statement by Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC

There is a shocking shortage of bandages and other basic medical items for Ekurhuleni ambulances, which forces paramedics to ration what is available, borrow from elsewhere or even buy from their own pockets.

I discovered this yesterday when I visited the Palmridge fire station in Alberton.

There is a shortage of bandages, oxygen masks, gauze, linen savers, syringes, intravenous needles, space blankets, alcohol swabs and nebulisers.

The store room is short of other items as well, with lots of empty shelves (photo available on request).

Medical consumables are ordered from the Gauteng Health Department, but supplies have been erratic and grossly inadequate for about a year.

It appears that the problem is due to the non-payment of suppliers.

These shortages affect ambulances all over Ekurhuleni and in other parts of Gauteng as well.

I have alerted Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu about this unacceptable situation that endangers the lives of patients.

I hope she takes quick action to ensure adequate supplies for all emergency ambulances in Gauteng.