Potholes are of grave concern to R36 road users

Sonja Boshoff, MP

Deputy Provincial Chairperson: DA Mpumalanga:

The R36 road in Badfontein near Mashishing, Thaba Chweu, has fallen into a state of disrepair and it is an accident waiting to happen.

Farmers from this area (Badfontein Farming Community) travel to Mashishing (Lydenburg) on a daily basis for shopping and provisions for their employees and themselves. So are learners who are transported to and from Mashishing to attend the various schools.

Various accidents have occurred, of which the latest was on 15 January 2015 where three males sustained serious injuries.  According to information given, the driver of this vehicle had to swerve to miss a pothole and landed under an oncoming heavy vehicle.

A complaint lodged by land owner, Mr. Fritz Louw, to the Public Protector’s office in Mbombela (Nelspruit) a mere 9-months ago, led to this road being attended to by the Department of Roads and Transport. However, the road has deteriorated drastically and is even in worse condition that it was before.


This road is a danger for any road user as the daily traffic is on the increase, especially heavy vehicles transporting minerals from the mines in and around Mashishing (Lydenburg).

I will therefore ask the DA’s spokesperson on roads and transport, to table questions to the MEC at the first sitting of the legislature and enquire when attention will be given to the road. We need to ensure that road users do not become another statistical figure.  I will also table written questions to the Minister of Roads and Transport on National Level.