Speaker’s husband cruises to shopping sprees with municipal car

Mentjie Tjumana

DA councillor at Blouberg local municipality

The DA will be writing a letter to the Blouberg Municipality Mayor, Serite Sekgoloane, to establish a special committee to probe the abuse of state vehicle by the Speaker Maria Thamaga’s husband.

The Speaker’s husband was seen several times during the festive season and early last week driving the Speaker’s car which belongs to the municipality designated to the Speaker.

Allowing her husband to drive around with the municipality’s car is a total abuse of power and shows a complete disregard to the Municipal Systems Act.

According to the act, no official is allowed to use, take, acquire, or benefit from any municipal property or asset owned or controlled and managed by the municipality without the council’s knowledge.

The law does not allow spouses of political office bearers to drive official vehicles.

The DA believes that the Speaker must be charged with misconduct for abusing the Speaker’s privileges.

We will also submit a motion of no confidence against the official in the next council meeting.

The DA urges Mayor Sekgoloane to accelerate these investigations and enforce discipline within the municipality.