Too many scholars involved in road acciedents

Letter to the Editor

For Publication

3 February 2015

Rafeek Shah, MPL:

THE DA is devastated by the loss of so many young lives on our roads in two separate accidents involving scholars last week.  We convey our deepest sympathies to the families of these young people taken so suddenly and tragically.

Learner transport is a complex and emotive issue.  Parents are forced to rely on various transport measures to ensure that they children get to school and receive an education. The ANC-led province’s massive failures when it comes to the provision of public transport such as bus or rail have only exacerbated the issue.

The problem of learner transport has been shuttled between the KZN Transport and Education departments for several years – nobody really wants the responsibility as neither department can afford or properly police it.

Most accidents involving scholars take place on municipal roads.  For this reason, the Transport department must insist that municipal traffic officials play a far greater role in ensuring that children are transported in roadworthy vehicles, with licensed drivers and without overcrowding.

The DA has written to KZN’s Transport MEC calling for all stakeholders, including the DoT, the DoE and municipal traffic authorities as well as provincial SGB representatives

A proactive stand must be taken to prevent further loss of life.  Moreover, those who violate the rules must face consequences with strict enforcement of the policy followed by severe judicial action.