Extension to the deadline for School Transport Policy is a good thing

Letter to the Editor

For Publication

13 February 2015:

THE request for an extension to the deadline to develop a preliminary policy around school transport in KZN – by the province’s Transport and Education provincial authorities – should not come as a surprise to many.

The issue of learner transport is age-old and fraught with problems.  These include the ability to enforce new legislation along with the provision of viable alternatives – such as a proper public transport service.

Dealing with learner transport in KZN will require careful consideration and innovative solutions.  It is not a policy to be developed in a matter of days.

Any attempt to rush through new policy will merely be a knee jerk response to the recent tragic deaths of so many young people.  It will also raise serious questions around provincial government’s commitment to righting the problem.

Policy proposals must result in plans that can be put into action – not just words on paper.

Rafeek Shah, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport