ANC has caused Malamulele crisis, but ANC refuses to solve it

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

I have today written to Limpopo Premier Mathabatha, for him to urgently engage Minister of Cooperative Governance, Pravin Gordhan on establishing a provincial task team to address the desperate calls of Malamulele residents for better service delivery.

To date, protests have caused the burning down of a Public Works Department warehouse, a building of the Department of Agriculture, the municipal offices including home affairs as well as four schools.

Protesters in Malamulele have turned to violent protests in reaction to an ANC Municipality that is neglecting their service delivery needs, and an ANC Premier who made empty promises to them about a new separate municipality.

Yet the ANC at every level of government refuses to bring calm to the situation. At national level, the ANC Minister of Police refuses to act decisively to guard life and infrastructure from protest violence or to protect schools from being burnt down.

At provincial level, the ANC Premier refuses to engage anyone on this crisis or to call for better national government intervention. At local level, the ANC local government refuses to give the people of Malamulele access to the equal services they demand.

This raises questions about the ANC motives for letting the violence and destruction go on unabated. Could it be that the ANC knows it cannot afford to lose the votes of the Malamulele people by cracking down on the unrest? Is the ANC adopting a soft approach to avoid angering the resident further?

It is imperative that normality in Malamulele is restored. The ANC must put its political interests on the back burner, and do what is right: restore order in Malamulele and work urgently to give the community the services it needs.

The DA will continue to press Premier Mathabatha to take action on this crisis, rather than sitting back and letting more and more damage be done.