BCMM Drowns in uncollected refuse

Lance Weyer

DA BCMM Caucus Spokesperson:

The stench of uncollected refuse, some of it lying around for as long as 3 weeks, has residents of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) infuriated.

According to Solid Waste Department, they have only 5 trucks on the road.  Staff are busy running up a huge overtime wage bill as they struggle late at night and on weekends to try and keep up with the growing piles of refuse.

A staggering 21 trucks are in the municipal garage for repairs, which equates to just over 80% of the fleet. This figure can only be attributed to a lack of proper management of maintenance, an issue we have also seen in the BCMM Fire Department where a large percentage of the fleet is often out of commission.

Red tape is blamed for the lack of movement on repairs, however the Democratic Alliance (DA) believes that this is that just a convenient excuse for lack of skilled mechanics due to cadre deployment and a dysfunctional Supply Chain Management Unit.

Illogically, BCMM has a fleet of 8 brand new refuse removal trucks, procured at a cost of R16 million, that are standing idle in a storage yard since December.

The lack of a sense of urgency to find both a temporary and permanent remedy to this situation does not seem to register on the agenda of BCMM. The newly purchased trucks should be utilised immediately and extra trucks could be rented or loaned from other Municipalities in the short term.

If the DA were elected into government in BCMM we would outsource refuse collection, using an open and transparent tender system, as was previously the case in some areas of BCMM with proven success.

It is up to the residents of BCMM to decide if they want a clean city or not. Clearly the current government is incapable and disinterested in doing their jobs.  A vote for the DA in next year’s Local Government Election is a vote for a cleaner city, as can be seen in municipalities where the DA does govern.