DA condemns bungling at office of the Premier

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance notes the conflicting media statements given by the spokesperson of the Office of the Premier Bronwyn Thomas-Abrahams and the director-general Justice Bekebeke with regards to the latest R11 million tender scandal. Clearly there is even more bungling at the Office of the Premier than we suspected. We condemn the fact that the spokesperson and the director-general try to mislead the public. We urge them to come clean and to tell us the truth, once and for all.

The spokesperson states that there is a tender process that is allegedly still under way. She is at great pains to describe this process. At the same time, however, the director-general argues that no tender ever went out. He denies the need for a transparent tender process at all.

Who is fooling who here? How can the spokesperson describe a tender process that, according to the director-general, never took place?

These are two senior officials in the Office of the Premier and the fact that one contradicts the other directly raises some very serious questions. Exactly what is happening at the Office of the Premier?

It is also worrying that the spokesperson stresses the need for a confidential tender process. When you work with public funds, you must be as transparent as possible.

We do welcome the fact that the director-general has confirmed that no tender has been advertised. It shows that public funds have been allocated in contravention of the relevant legislation.

The premier has an executive authority. It is time for her to take some responsibility in this matter. We call on her to cancel this irregular tender and to stop the encouragement of irregular expenditure in the province.