DA condemns racist school attack in Jan Kempdorp

Willem Faber, MP

DA Constituency Head: Jan Kempdorp:

The Democratic Alliance condemns any racism of any nature whatsoever.

The latest incident at the Hoër Landbouskool in Jan Kempdorp, where a young boy was attacked and raped by four boys, is condemned in the strongest terms. It is shocking that any person can think that this type of assault can be justified as ‘initiation’ or ‘hazing’. It is a criminal offence, to say the least.

As the Democratic Alliance we are united to the ideals of the rule of law. Just like farm attacks and farm murders must be heard by the criminal courts, this incident must be brought before the court as well. The law has to run its course. We have been informed that three of the four offenders are still minors. This cannot be used as an excuse – anybody who is old enough to go to school, is old enough to know better. We’ve also heard rumours that not only white children have been involved and that black children were also involved as bystanders. Any person involved in this incident, whether black or white, should carry the consequences of this criminality.

This type of incident destroys the good racial relations we are trying to build between black and white. We are working towards mutual goodwill and unity and a disgusting incident like this destroys it immediately. Since the release of Nelson Mandela we have been working towards a rainbow nation. This type of racism destroys the ideal of unity and the work of years.