DA requests Lucas to fire Block and Botes

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance has formally requested the premier of the Northern Cape, Sylvia Lucas, to replace two members of the executive council. We cannot tolerate the presence of John Block and Alvin Botes, who are both facing serious criminal charges, in the provincial executive.

In the February 2014 State of the Province Address, the premier stated that “the fight against crime and corruption remains one of the top priorities of the provincial government”. It is time for the premier to honour her own words and to show the public that crime does not pay in the provincial government. If she fails to act, she will instead indicate that the provincial government’s fight is rather to keep those who are criminal and corrupt in power.

It is not the first time that the Democratic Alliance has called on the premier to cleanse her cabinet of corruption. If she fails to act, it won’t be the last either.

We urge the premier to appoint two capable people with integrity in the executive. Just as you cannot have the inmates running the asylum, you cannot have a man who is charged with fraud and money laundering in charge of the provincial funds. It is nonsensical.

We trust that the premier will consider our request with the seriousness it deserves.