FS SOPA: Magashule fails to inspire

Roy Jankielsohn

Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

In no uncertain terms has Premier Magashule failed to address the problems of the Free State, he has failed to table solutions, and he has failed to inspire.

Premier Magashule had the opportunity to address key areas of major concern and he has failed.

The province needs a clear strategy with marked deliverables to turn the financial situation of the provincial government around, especially within the Department of Health and Education.

The Free State is almost R8 billion in the red.

The Premier has failed to come out strongly against corruption, perhaps for fear of him having to fire two of his MECs.

Magashule chose to blame Apartheid exclusively for the inability of municipalities to deliver services, rather than accepting responsibility for appointing inexperienced and unqualified cadres into senior management positions.

The people of the Free State want jobs, they do not want hand-outs, but hand-outs is all they will get from this Premier.

We have a Premier that builds stadia instead of houses and sanitation for the people.

But we are not surprised.

Premier Ace Magashule mentioned Cuba and China repeatedly in his speech in a desperate attempt to justify his luxury holidays to these two countries.

The DA reject the renaming of the CR Swart Building to Fidel Castro House. There are many great deserving individuals who contributed to the Free State that we should honour, like former Premier, Winkie Direko, or the renowned Mohlomi, who was an astute philosopher, advisor and strategist.

The Premier is stuck in a box and lacks the imagination to take our province forward.

Ace Magashule needs to start thinking outside of the box.