Gauteng protests a consequence of ANC arrogance

Lebo More MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Petitions:

The DA sends a strong warning to Gauteng premier David Makhura and mayors of metros and municipalities over their lax response to petitions submitted by people and communities across the province.

We are deeply concerned that 2015 will see a massive increase in violent protests over poor service delivery.

As yet another 5-year term of local government draws to close, and the 2016 local government elections loom on the horizon, people are increasingly feeling let down and disappointed by unfulfilled ANC promises made in 2011.

The violent protests as seen in Mohlakeng in Randfontein this past week and the recent spate of land invasions across the province are a clear indication that people are tired of waiting for the ANC to get its act together.

Petitions to the Legislature remain unattended while municipal officials and departments avoid resolving service delivery concerns raised by communities. People are getting impatient.

The DA strongly condemns any form of violent protest, but equally so we condemn the endless foot-dragging of mayors and municipal government officials in their response to people’s service delivery needs.

Unfortunately the reality is that as long as the ANC continues to disregard the people, protests are more than likely going to continue.

People are sending the ANC a strong message that change is in the air, and that they are ready to vote for DA-led municipal governments – because where the DA governs, we deliver for all, and life is better.