Gauteng’s sad road story repeats itself

Justus de Goede MPL
DA Gauteng spokesperson on transport:

In less than a week, seven people, the majority students and pupils, have been killed on Gauteng roads, with dozens seriously injured.

As with the annual holiday carnage, these individual and collective tragedies occur unabated year after year.

Once expressions of indignation and promises of action by politicians are complete, little action is taken and residents have to steel themselves for the next round of deaths.

In constantly drawing attention to this tragic and avoidable situation, the Democratic Alliance would have hoped that those in charge would have cracked the whip on serious, and often serial, offenders.

There are sanctions which would give those conducting rogue transport businesses for young people and careless driver’s reason to think twice.

The law should allow for the withdrawal of licences and the impounding of vehicles in these serious cases.

Nothing illustrates the failure of policing more dramatically than these tragic statistics.

Police officers are frequently in the news for corruption – more so than for their successes in reducing traffic violations.

Without consequences, this Province will maintain its unenviable position as having the second worst road safety record in the country, which itself produces shocking statistics.