Limpopo SOPA just an election campaign

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo is appalled by the tons of empty promises made during the state of the province address by premier Stan Mathabatha earlier today.

The premier blatantly misled Limpopo people, claiming that the delivery of text books had been completely finalised while there were still schools that boycotted classes due to lack of text books.

More and more departments have dropped further in to a state of regress on AG audit findings yet Mr Premier claimed that departments were doing well in financial management.

According to SOPA, Limpopo has one of the lowest unemployment rates as compared to other provinces but what premier ignores are discouraged job seekers which would then mean Limpopo’s actual unemployment rate jumps from the 15.9% to 43.46%.

In dealing with Malamulele issues, the premier largely focused on condemning violent protests when he could have taken the opportunity to reassure the people of Limpopo that the situation was being resolved by providing further details on the agreement government has with Malamulele people.

The DA is convinced that the SONA was more of an election campaign than an actual report on the real state of Limpopo. We are troubled by the buying of traditional leaders’ votes through promises of medical aid and new vehicles.

The DA will give the real state of the province address during an opportune time given for the debate of Mathabatha’s speech on Tuesday.