Malamulele now to rise from ashes

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance Limpopo warmly welcomes the decision of Malamulele task team to suspend the 6 week long violent protest in demand of their own municipality.

This will see restoration of peace and stability in Malamulele where angry residents had completely shut down all economic, educational and social activities.

As we welcome the long awaited move to suspend the strike, the DA calls upon both the department of education render all the necessary support to the 179000 school going children in tackling the numerous educational challenges that lies ahead. The DA stands ready to make its modest contribution to that end.

The business sector in this area also suffered a major setback however, the suspension of the protest will grant both small and larger businesses an opportunity to reopen for sales. This will also be the beginning of their rebirth as they work towards building their small economy.

The end of the unrests also provides government an opportunity to consider the much needed developments of Malamulele town to not only bring quality municipal services closer but other essential services that are much needed in the area. We need to see all government offices fully operational in Malamulele so that residents no longer have to travel vast distances to access services which is after all their constitutional right.

Whatever the agreement is between government, Malamulele task team and other 14 unnamed stakeholders, the DA urges all the stakeholders to commit to fair play, and not yielding to make empty promises to rebuild the small town of Malamulele.

The DA believes that the memorandum agreed upon must be published in order to facilitate transparency and accountability.