Polokwane Provincial Hospital is facing a water crisis

Langa Bodlani (MPL)

Limpopo Spokesperson on Health:

Polokwane Provincial Hospital is currently experiencing serious water shortages apparently because of the poor water supply from the municipality’s water reservoir. This has led to a weak water pressure coming out of the hospital’s taps.

This dire situation was uncovered today during my unannounced visit to this hospital after getting a tip-off.

I have already contacted Health MEC Mr. Kgetjepe to urge him to provide this hospital with Jojo tanks as a contingency measure to help with the water supply. He promised to do something about the situation.

The problem of the poor water supply from the reservoir is expected to prolong for some time. The nearby suburb of Bendor is also affected by this.

The hospital now has to resort to having water being delivered to it by the municipality.Unfortunately this water is poured into bins and this cannot sustain the hospital with water for far too long.

MEC Kgetjepe also assured me that his department is working on increasing the water storage capacity of this hospital in order to avert this situation in the future. We will closely monitor this.

Hospitals can never function without a consistent water supply and any disruption of that supply endangers the lives of our people.

The DA cares about the quality of our public health care and we will always be on the alert when such problems arise in order to help resolve them.