Premier Mathabatha must ban blue light brigades

Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL)

DA Spokesperson on Roads and Transport:

On Tuesday, after the Limpopo State of the Province Address, two private vehicles were involved in a horrific traffic accident while paving the way for various MECs’ blue lights convoy from the Limpopo Legislature.

I have today written to the Limpopo Premier, Stanley Mathabatha urging him to do the right thing and ban the use of blue lights convoy in Limpopo that transport MECs and Mayors.

In 2013 a blue light convoy transporting the Mayor of Aganang municipality, Maria Mokobodi , collided and killed a five year old toddler in Ga Rampuru, Limpopo while playing along the road and no action was taken against the driver.

In the DA-governed Western Cape, we have banned the use of blue lights by all government officials, except in cases of genuine emergencies that threaten life.

The DA urges Premier Mathabatha to put the safety of the people of Limpopo above the convenience of a few over-inflated politicians.

The DA will monitor investigations into the cause of Tuesday’s accident, and will push for action to be taken against any officials or protection services found to have broken the law.