School enrolment must be audited

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo will ask the department of Education to conduct a physical head count of learners in all Limpopo schools.

This is to detect and prevent schools who fraudulently inflate the enrolment of learners to benefit more government funding as part of norms and standards. A motion will be tabled at the first available opportunity to call for a debate to hold officials, circuits and principals accountable for these actions.

The DA suspects that Limpopo schools may be flooded by “ghost” learners and should the audit prove to be true, then the department is facing fraudulent payments and costs in excess of hundreds of millions of rands.

The DA has learnt that the department is investigating possible fraud where schools inflate its learner enrolment numbers to secure more funding from government.

According to National Norms and Standard for school funding for the financial year 2014/15, national department of education allocates R1 108.00 to quintal 1 to 3 schools. However this recommendation is ignored by the Limpopo education department and only R479.45 was paid to Limpopo schools in 2014.

Therefore the DA would not be surprised if the head count proves that our schools are riddled with “ghost” learners.

The DA is convinced that once the department pays the full norms and standards to schools, principals would not inflate learner numbers in our schools.