Suspension of officials accused of corruption in the Premier’s office not enough

Langa Bodlani (MPL)

Limpopo Spokesperson on Public Administration:

The DA welcomes the suspension of five officials from the Premier’s office on allegations of supply chain corruption. However these suspensions are not enough, criminal investigations must also follow.

According to today’s reports, these officials were all in the supply chain management in the office of the premier and were all suspended this Monday on full pay.

These officials are now going to continue being paid by the taxpayers whilst they sit at home and doing nothing.

The Public Finance Management Act is very clear on such conducts that they are criminal offences that must be punishable by law.

Limpopo province has had its fair share of suspended state officials who continue being paid by taxpayers and who end up not facing criminal sanctions.

Premier Mathabatha, in his recent state of the province address alluded to his seriousness in tackling corruption in the province.

We challenge him to take the province in his confidence by making sure these officials also face criminal investigations by independent law enforcers. This will serve as  deterrent to other  officials.