Tzaneen MM dismissed: He must pay back the money

Brown Mashele

DA councillor at Greater Tzaneen Local Municipality:

The DA welcomes the dismissal of Greater Tzaneen Municipality’s Municipal Manager (MM), Masiye Mankabidi , for his involvement in the failed multimillion road projects, but we insist that he must pay back the money.

The decision to fire Mankabidi was taken during the council meeting last week after the disciplinary committee found him guilty and requested his dismissal.

The committee discovered that he was involved in the multimillion incomplete projects including Sasekani Nkowankowa road (R23 million) , Senakwe Marapalala road (R48 million) and Thapane Morutji that costs about R27 million.

It is alleged that two of the projects had been awarded to one contractor. We are urging Mankabidi to pay the money back he has been looting from the municipality.

The DA believes that Mankabidi was not alone in this mess and therefore further investigations must continue to probe other senior officials as well as the financial affairs of the municipality.