WC ANC ignores parliamentary process

Lennit Max, MPP

DA WC Spokesperson on Transport and Public Works:

According to an article published in the Cape Argus on Tuesday, the 3 February 2015, Cameron Dugmore from the ANC, stated that:

‘it was likely that the committee would call for a special meeting today, at which the City of Cape Town, affected residents and members of the South African Families Association and the Wynberg’s Resident’s and Ratepayers’ Association could discuss the proposed route that will require the demolition of 26 Council-owned houses in Pulmstead and Wynberg.’

Under no circumstances was any indication given or agreement reached to have Cllr Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee Member for Transport for Cape Town, summonsed or called to answer questions under oath. What we did agree upon, was to invite relevant stakeholders of which Cllr Herron is included, to discuss the matter in committee. This is as per the standard committee practice, when concerns or issues, of public importance are raised.

Member Dugmore requested, via sms, to have a discussion on the MyCiTi route along Main and South Roads in Wynberg, added to the Standing Committee meeting agenda, for the 3 February 2015. In my capacity as the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works, I informed Member Dugmore that the request was made on too short notice. However, I welcome the opportunity to gain clarity from the City of Cape Town as soon as an agenda can be amended so to enter into a constructive dialogue around the matter.

The ANC again proved that the well-being of the people of Cape Town and the broader Western Cape is not their main priority. Instead, they use them for short term political goals and ignore parliamentary rules, procedure and due process.