ANC shenanigans once again take precedence over Legislative Functions

Anthony Benadie MPL

Leader of the Official Opposition in Mpumalanga Legislature:

A sitting of the Mpumalanga legislature, originally scheduled for Friday 27 March 2015 to afford MPL’s to pose questions to MEC’s, was first moved to Thursday 26 March and then postponed to next week, without any explanation.  It has now come to light that the ANC scheduled their Provincial General Council to start on the same day as the sitting.


The Legislature has three main functions:



  • MPLs discuss, debate, amend and vote on laws for the province
  • Initiate or prepare legislation, except money Bills



  • Maintain oversight on the exercise of Provincial Executive authority in the Province, including the implementation of legislation and any Provincial organ of state
  • Approve budgets for Provincial Government Departments
  • Question government officials about their work
  • Seek explanation on how government spent their previous budgets and how they will spend their new budgets


Public participation and education

  • Conduct public hearings on laws that are envisaged
  • Educate the public on the law-making processes


It is blatantly obvious that the ANC holds very little regard for the importance of the functions of the Mpumalanga Legislature as an institution.  Just over a month ago, a similar situation took place (Click here for press release by Bosman Grobler, MPL) in which the ANC cancelled a committee meeting at the eleventh hour in order to hold their own private meetings.
MPL’s will now have to abandon their constituency work next week to accommodate the sitting.


When one takes into account a recent report by the City Press, it is clear that the ANC is so caught up in their own infighting and struggles, that the dire situation the Mpumalanga Departments find themselves in, is of little or no interest to them.  The functions that are performed within Legislature are essential to ensure that government can account to the people.


The DA will write to the Speaker of the legislature requesting her to provide the reasoning behind the cancellation and moving of the sittings. It goes beyond comprehension, considering the state of our province, that internal ANC happenings can take precedence over the business of our democratic institutions.