Collapsed RDP house leaves pensioner homeless

Langa Bodlani MPL

Lepelle-Nkumpi Political Head:

On an oversight visit to Mokgophopong Village in Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality yesterday, the DA saw the collapsed and destroyed RDP house belonging of 69 year-old pensioner Ms. Makota.

The house has been uninhabitable since a hail storm in December 2013. Ms. Makota has had to move to a shack (click here) which she shares with her son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren.

DA Councilor Fani Tsela has pressed the Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality to intervene, but their only action has been to hand Ms. Makota a tent (click here) which is now also destroyed. Officials from the municipality have only once visited this old lady who now has no home.

Before its destruction and collapse, Ms. Makota was forced to make repairs to her RDP house because of its shockingly bad construction standard. From her meager pension of R1350 per month, she managed to repair the roof.

The DA has committed to Ms. Makota that we will do everything we can to bring private assistance to help rebuild her house (click here).

There is an alarming trend in ANC Municipalities where RDP houses are grossly neglected, and poorly built. Earlier this week the DA revealed that RDP houses in some provinces are being repaired only once their condition becomes so dangerous that repairs cost three-times what a newly built RDP house costs.

The callousness shown by the municipality to the plight of Ms. Makota is reflective of the attitude by ANC government officials towards our people.

The DA will take this up in the Limpopo Provincial Legislature.