DA calls for heads to roll over Makana Kabuso report

Andrew Whitfield, MP,

Frontier constituency leader:

The DA welcomes the release of the report on the Kabuso Forensic Investigation into corruption and maladministration in the Makana Municipality.   Now heads must roll.

The release of the Kabuso Report by the Makana council is a tremendous victory for transparency and accountability.

This report has been hidden in an attempt to protect corrupt officials and politicians who are implicated but the unrelenting pressure from the DA has resulted in a victory for the people of Makana.

Among those fingered in the report are the mayor, Zamaxolo Peter and the speaker of council, Rachel Madinda, whom the DA have repeatedly called to be axed.

Now that the report has been made public the DA will interrogate the report thoroughly and increase pressure to ensure that any misconduct on behalf of officials and politicians is dealt with decisively.

Service delivery in Makana Municipality has ground to a halt under the absent leadership of ANC mayor Peter.

The ongoing water and sanitation crisis has placed the lives and livelihoods of Makana residents at unnecessary risk.

The DA will fight to ensure that transparency and accountability prevail in Makana in order to expose and deal with the political rot that has become so deeply entrenched under the ANC’s leadership.