DA calls for Premier to appoint Education MEC without delay

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Spokesperson on Education:

The DA is deeply concerned by Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha’s decision not appoint a new Education MEC before May 2015.

The Premier’s statements clearly indicate that he believes that the ANC does not have capable leaders amongst its MPLs who can take over as Education MEC.

Education in Limpopo is currently in crisis, with thousands of undelivered textbooks, incomplete school buildings and lacking school furniture.

Learners of Limpopo cannot afford to wait until it suits Mathabatha’s internal politics to appoint a new MEC.

The DA believes that acting Education MEC Jerry Ndou, is under severe pressure with work doubling as MEC for Public Works as well as leader of governance. While textbooks lie undelivered, Ndou is nowhere to be seen.

The DA calls on the Premier to act without any further delay and to fill the vacant opening.