DA calls for probe into Mabuza tender saga

Anthony Benadie MPL

DA Spokesperson on Office of the Premier:

The Democratic Alliance will call on the speaker of Mpumalanga legislature, Hon BT Shongwe, to launch an investigation into the conduct of Premier David Mabuza’s alleged tender for debt deals. This follows an article in the Business Day on the 16th of March 2015, with the titled “Premier Mabuza in tender for debt deals”,


DD as he is affectionately known has been accused of giving stakes in government tenders to small companies he owed money to for his legacy project dubbed Kancane Kancane. The DA condemns the Premier’s abuse of his position and state resources to further his political agenda, as such we are also considering to lodge a complaint with the public protector.


The DA will lodge a formal request to the speaker to launch a full scale investigation into these allegations to ensure that Mabuza is held to account.


The Office of the Premier may deny these allegation as this point, but the truth will eventually come out. The DA will also watch with keen interest the results of the complaint lodged by Amandlendoda Trading Enterprises to the Public Protector and depending on the Speakers reaction, we will consider lodging our own complaint with the Public Protector.


The people of Mpumalanga need to be led by an honest, trustworthy and accountable individual who is there to serve and protect as per the oath taken, and not to advance his own interests.