DA celebrates international women’s day

Lorraine Botha MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Premier:

Tomorrow, Sunday, 8 March 2015, we commemorate International Women’s Day. Annually, all around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, while calling for greater equality.

This year, in celebrating women, Make it Happen is the 2015 theme. The theme, Make it Happen encourages effective action for advancing and recognising women worldwide.

It is commemorations such as these, where we acknowledge women, their plight, their achievements and invaluable roles they play in families, communities, societies and the larger world as a whole. Today, I honour women: grandmothers; wives; mothers; aunts; sisters and mentors for being pillars of strength, hope, encouragement and support during trying times of sadness and tragedy. In times of adversity, a woman draws her strength from her inner spiritual place in order to be strong for others. I thank all women for being that agent of change for others, her family, her community and subsequently building a stronger South Africa.

I call on every individual to celebrate and acknowledge the woman in our lives, personal and professional and the extra-ordinary beings they truly are.