DA concerned about conflict in Mandela Bay Development Agency Board

Cllr Chris Roberts,

DA Spokesperson: Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture: Nelson Mandela Bay:

Repeated rumours about disunity in the newly appointed Mandela Bay Development Agency Board (MBDA) are disturbing.

The most fatal danger facing the new board would be political conflict and influences from within, as this would cripple its function and render it incapable of steering the MBDA. When the new MBDA board was recently announced there were many serious concerns about the size of the board, which is about twice that of the previous board.

The MBDA has been the best performing municipal entity in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole, while its benefits are widely visible and experienced. It has, for the past several years, received clean audits.  It has functioned professionally and without any political interference.

The metro and its residents have witnessed the destructive consequences of political infighting over many years which resulted in the deterioration of service delivery. It must be prevented that the same should happen at the MBDA.

The DA calls for the immediate and urgent intervention in the reported conflict in the MBDA board. It would be a serious dereliction of duty if no action is taken to resolve the reported fragmentation of the board.

Furthermore, the DA calls for an immediate investigation into the situation at the MBDA and that everything possible must be done to save the entity. Too many disasters in the past regarding the functioning of the municipality have cost us dearly.

We as a metro are extremely fortunate to have a top chief executive of the calibre of Pierre Voges. It would be disastrous to have a situation where his leadership is diluted and frustrated by a fragmented board.