DA councillors clean up BCCM

Cllr Marion Mackley

Buffalo City Metro Municipality:

Four Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors Isabel Thompson, Sue Bentley, Trish Williams and Marion Mackley rolled up their sleeves to attack the unsightly weeds and overgrown grass pushing through the sidewalks at the corner of Old Transkei Road / Beach Road and up Hudson Avenue.

These clumps of thick grass are forcing apart the cement on the sidewalk and result in dangerous uneven surfaces developing along the sidewalks, making it dangerous for residents to safely walk along these surfaces.  Weeds and accumulated leaves in the gutters cause blocked storm water drains and huge dams of water every time it rains.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) acknowledges that they have insufficient and antiquated equipment to cope with all the areas that require servicing.  In the meantime our city declines further in decay.

As BCMM are struggling to cope with the overgrown grass on the public open spaces and other areas, some residents have ‘adopted a park’ or resorted to trimming the grass on the municipal sidewalk outside their clubs and business.  Residents have, for a long period, been doing this anyway in an effort to keep their own space neat and tidy. Short grass and trimmed bush is a crime deterrent.   Unkempt cities are known to be a draw card for easy crime as it leaves a lot of hiding grounds for a quick escape.

Other metros where the DA governs have proven that with sufficient allocation of budget, departments have the correct resources and staff to get the job done and keep the city clean.  A well run and clean metro is a magnet for trade, industry and tourism to flourish.  Buffalo City Metro under a DA run municipality would be so much cleaner, more efficiently run and a metro of growth and prosperity.

Photos of the clean-up can be found here (Left to Right – Cllr Trish Williams and Cllr Sue Bentley) and here (Left to Right – Cllr Isabel Thompson and Cllr Marion Mackley)