DA in Buffalo City pleased with non-merger of Great Kei

Cllr Jan Smit

Caucus Chairperson – Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality:

The DA in Buffalo City is very pleased that the proposed merger of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) and Great Kei local municipality will no longer happen.

The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) announced via circular 5 /2015 Annexure A, that it will not consider or reconsider the disestablishment of Great Kei local municipality and amalgamate it with BCMM.    It also stated that it had already considered the proposal previously and that it was not approved.

The Democratic Alliance was against the merger from the start and lodged objections against the proposed merger.  The list of objections can be found here.

It is, however, not clear if any of these or other proposals were considered by the MDB and it is strange that the MDB had such a drastic turnabout on its own proposal.    Questions can be asked as to why such a proposal was made in the first place.   It is clear that the MDB did not apply its mind on this and other issues of demarcation.

Buffalo City has its own challenges and problems.  The merger with Great Kei would have been to the detriment of both Great Kei local municipality and BCMM.

BCMM administration can now focus on resolving its own issues without the burden of incorporating a vast new area into its boundaries.