DA submits proposal to Demarcation Board

Cllr Retief Odendaal,

DA Caucus leader – Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality:

The deadline for submissions of proposals in respect of Ward Delimitation to the Demarcation Board was Monday, the 23rd of March 2015. The Democratic Alliance has submitted to the Demarcation Board in this regard a progressive proposal which proposes the delimitation of virtually all of the wards in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA is committed to seeing wards delimitated in such a manner that will seek to improve service delivery to all residents in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Currently there are a number of communities which are affected detrimentally as a direct result of existing ward boundaries. Some of these communities have been divided and split into different wards whilst others have geographical boundaries which hamper Ward Councillors in their duties.

The DA is of the opinion that our proposal seeks to overcome these challenges and will no doubt ensure improved service delivery to all communities in our municipality.

It has, until now, been the practice in Nelson Mandela Bay to establish a multiparty municipal task team consisting of representatives from all political parties to prepare submissions on Ward Delimitation to the Demarcation Board. Unfortunately the ANC has this year refused to establish such a multiparty task team and the DA is convinced that this is a direct result of the dismal performance of the ANC in recent elections which has seen support for the ruling party drop well below 50%.

It is clear that the ANC is not prepared to set aside petty party political issues in order to focus on issues which will result in improved service delivery for all residents of Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA is committed to building integrated, sustainable communities in Nelson Mandela Bay. This proposal of ward delimitation is the first step towards bringing improved service delivery and a better life to the people of our beloved city.