DA to probe precise action for fighting fraud and corruption

Pule Thole, MPL:

DA to probe precise action for fighting fraud and corruption

The DA will submit parliamentary questions to the Northern Cape MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Martha Bartlett to ascertain exactly what action will her department take to root-out and fight fraud and corruption in her department.

This follows pronouncements made by the department’s director for civilian oversight Mr. Lesego Wolfe during the Anti-Corruption Awareness Session hosted by the department in collaboration with the Road Traffic Management Corporation this week.

Wolfe is quoted as saying his department had adopted a zero tolerance approach to corruption and fraud and warned that perpetrators would not be treated with kid gloves.

I want the MEC and the department to put forward a plan that details what action will be taken against officials who are on the wrong or found to be involved in fraudulent and corrupt activities.

For too many times we hear pronouncements and warnings of this nature with no measurable outcomes and we are tired of empty words which are a cold comfort to the citizens of this province.

To start with the department should indicate what action they are taking to deal with fraud and corruption within their ranks, the most senior official in the department HOD Steven Jonkers stand accused of serious fraud charges.

Jonkers has been charged with contravening the Public Finance Management Act, the charges relates to a transport tender in which he irregularly awarded bus contracts in the Springbok area to a whooping tune of R24 million.

Given the seriousness of the allegations and criminal charges against the HOD and the critical position he holds in the department as the Accounting Officer the honorable thing to do is for him to step aside until his name has been cleared.

It is imperative for him to give leadership and inspire confidence in the department with his subordinates having trust in him for him to speak with integrity and authority and lead his department.

This is a crucial department that has been mandated to lead the fight against crime and corruption and what is happening there is a sordid state of affairs that needs crucial attention.

It does not inspire hope to hear many words with no action. If the department is indeed serious in fighting fraud and corruption is should deal with officials within its ranks.