Desperate times call for desperate measures – published letter



Thank you to Rachael Soobiah of the Board of Management (Northdale Hospital) for highlighting  what the Democratic Alliance has always exposed, the collapse of essential services under the ANC, (Witness, 11 March). Failed Cadre deployment, political appointees and jobs for pals are all evident not only at Northdale Hospital but in all ANC led provinces. To pass the buck on to the very people appointed by the MEC is evidence of a desperate ANC, taking desperate measures. The sufferings at grassroots, lack of medication, dysfunctional vital machinery, tender fraud, ghost employees and corruption are a cancer in our hospitals.

The DA has regularly highlighted these concerns and now the public are witnessing failed ANC management first hand – and human life is lost in the process. The MEC, must ensure that adequate resources and competent officials, be placed ahead of cadre deployment, as this is an essential service to the poorest of the poor. The  DA insists that the MEC institutes a full scale commission of inquiry into the rotten state of the affairs at Northdale Hospital.