Environment Department must make Kamfers Dam report public

Ismail Obaray, MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Environment:

The mass deaths of catfish at the Kamfers Dam near Kimberley could have been avoided.


The DA challenges the Environment Department to make public their report on the cause of death of the fish immediately. The Department has indicated that they have their own results already.


Instead of playing a public relations game of scoring points, the Department should immediately make its report public so that the truth speaks for itself.


The fact that blood, raw sewage and waste flowed into the dam recently, clearly caused the mass deaths of the fish and other water creatures in the dam.


The DA has consulted with a reputable and respected researcher on environmental matters, and scientific analysis indicates that the raw sewage and animal intestines and the flow of blood would result in rapid deoxygenation of water.


Analysis also indicates that introducing blood, sewage and waste into the dam would cause clostridium and escheria in the water, which produce endotoxins that threaten animal life.


Regular maintenance of infrastructure around the dam could have avoided this tragedy.