Gauteng Premier vague on corruption investigations

Janet Semple MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Economic Development:

The “People’s Premier” David Makhura – who initially commenced his term of office by making all the right noises on corruption, has finally started to show his true colours.


Despite promising the people of Gauteng that the cornerstones of his administration would be transparency and openness, the Premier has retreated to the tried and tested mantle for which the ANC is notorious – obfuscation and half-truths.


In his responses to questions on corruption investigations since he took office in June 2014, the premier undertook to respond in writing and in full.


However, the written response was kept deliberately vague, only stating that 43 investigations have been initiated, and that 17 had been concluded.


As for details over the 17 concluded investigations, Premier Makhura resorted to using broad ambiguous strokes in an attempt to pacify the opposition.


No mention is made of action taken following the outcome of investigations – only, that “relevant departments would implement recommendations”.


No mention is made of which departments were affected and what recommendations were made.


Click here to view the response.


It is quite clear that the premier’s response was crafted in such a manner so as not to transgress any of the Legislature’s Rules of Order, while at the same time protecting his government from closer scrutiny.


To this end the DA will submit follow-up questions to his office demanding the full particulars of each investigation, including departments concerned, investigation reports as well as their recommendations. We will also ask the premier to provide us with full details as to whether affected departments have implemented those recommendations, and if not, why not.


The DA will continue to hold Premier Makhura and his government to account until each and every corrupt official has been brought to book.