Lack of scholar transport leads to four learner rapes

Jacques Smalle, MPL
DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

Today the DA Limpopo leadership walked in solidarity with learners of Magaedisha High School in Pae Pae Village, who have no scholar transport and are forced to walk to school, leading to four school girls being raped while on their way to school in February this year.

Learners are forced to walk more than two hours to and from school due to the failure of the Education and Transport Departments to provide scholar transport for the class of 2015.

These learners have to walk to school despite the department’s current budget of R153 million for  scholar transport. Learners who have to walk more than five kilometres to school should automatically qualify for free learner transport.

The majority of these learners walk from Sebati, Podile, Laastehoop, Lekgothwane and Mmaboyi villages to Pae Pae Village where their school is located.

The DA believes that no learner should be exposed to violence and crime due to the department’s failure to properly spend its transport budget.

The DA will therefore table a private member’s bill in Limpopo to regulate and provide scholar transport to all learners walking long distances to schools.

The DA will further seek an urgent meeting with the Acting Education MEC, Jerry Ndou to discuss the reveal the findings of our oversight in Pae Pae Villiage where learners continue walking long distances to school.