Mpumalanga SOPA 2015 debate: Address by Bosman Grobler MPL

Hon. Speaker


I rise to deliver a member statement on behalf of the Democratic Alliance


We are in the Lynnville stadium, in Emalahleni for the first TLP week of the 5th parliament. This week we will hear many stories of how the ANC have bettered the lives of people during the last 20 years. One of these good stories will undoubtable be the story of the Klarinet High School. Members of this house will tell us how well the ANC has done to build this school. Unfortunately, many truths of this story and many other stories will not be told in this house this week.


Facts that we won’t hear about the Klarinet School is:


  • That it took 18 months longer to complete than originally planned.
  • That the School operated since January 2014, without electricity.
  • In 2014 no budget was allocated to the school, resulting in the school having to make debt to operate in 2014 and use the 2015 budget to pay the debt of 2014.
  • We won’t hear that the school has not, up to today, received text books for this year.
  • We won’t hear that the school has a library without books, a science lab without equipment and a computer lab without computers.


Hon Speaker,


The DA calls on all members of the legislature and the executive not to boast about superficial achievements, but to face the facts that service delivery on all levels is not up to standard in Emalahleni. Let’s not pretend that the ANC is doing a sterling job, the ANC should admit that as an organisation it has failed to deliver services to the people of this municipality.

I thank you