Patients at White River clinic bear the brunt as officials pass the buck

Motion without notice by Jane Sithole DA MPL, in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature, on 17 March 2015 during the 2015/2016 Budget Speech:

Hon. Speaker


I rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:


The White River clinic in Mbombela has been without chairs in the general waiting area for patients to sit for the past three months.

Hon. Speaker, Mbombela Municipality removed all furniture including chairs at this clinic because the clinic is now the responsibility of the provincial health department.

While Municipal officials and the Provincial health department are squabbling who should take responsibility for this unwarranted action, it is the patients who are at the receiving end.  Pregnant women are forced to stand on their feet all day or sit on the concrete floor.

Further noting Hon. Speaker that Cllr. Trudie Grove Morgan had to take benches from her own house to assist the clinic temporarily, but this is not nearly enough given the number of patients this clinic service on a daily basis.

As such, I move that this house compel the Provincial health department to ensure that chairs are available with immediate effect.

I so move.