Poor state of BCMM Road network disappoints DA

Cllr Dillon Webb,

BCMM PR Councillor:

The DA is disappointed with the poor state of our roads in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM).

I submitted a petition in October 2014 appealing to BCMM to urgently upgrade and repair Needs Camps roads, with little been done since. I will be following up with the progress made by council in this regard.

BCMM has to budget approximately R165 million for road maintenance each year over three years to reduce the backlog it faces. This amount rises by 10% each year due to increased repair costs.  Interestingly, in 2012, the amount stood at about R150 million per year, which proves the lack of maintenance on our roads.

It is clear that BCMM shows little regard for the road maintenance backlog.  BCMM’s road network is vital to its local economy.  Many businesses are deciding to settle in municipalities where their vehicles and assets will not be damaged in the process as they conduct their day to day activities. This contributes to BCMM’s increasing unemployment rate.

In Needs Camp (Ward 33), many taxi drivers explained that they do not want to drive into Needs Camp for fear of damage to their taxis.  They prefer to park their taxis next to the main road (R346) while waiting for passengers.

In the DA run municipalities, infrastructure and road maintenance are a priority. Perhaps the ANC in BCMM should pay a visit to a DA run municipality to get an idea of how infrastructure and road maintenance should look.