SAPS must respond to racism claims surrounding their Worcester “Green Card” project

Dan Plato,

Western Cape Minister of Community Safety:

Following news reports of a green card being issued by the South African Police Service (SAPS) to employees and jobseekers in Worcester, I discussed the issue with Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General, Arno Lamoer, yesterday who has assured me that he:

  • Will designate a senior SAPS management official to fully investigate; and
  • Will provide a full report to me as soon as the investigation is concluded.


I will today further request Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General, Arno Lamoer, to put the local SAPS and Community Policing Forum (CPF) to terms pending the investigation and ensure that no laws of government have been contravened.


The Constitution enshrines everyone’s right to freedom of movement. This right cannot be restricted through unlawful access control to different suburbs or areas and the SAPS must put an immediate stop to this.


To make it clear, this project is not a Department of Community Safety sanctioned initiative. The SAPS, an entity which the Western Cape Government has no operational control over, needs to answer whether it is a programme initiated by them or why the system has been endorsed by the local sector commander.


I also wish to clarify that at no point was the Western Cape Government informed by the SAPS about this programme. The SAPS must now answer on this matter.