SMME’s hold councillors hostage – Council chamber under siege

Retief Odendaal,

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro caucus chairperson:

The Democratic Alliance strongly condemns the illegal invasion of the council chamber this morning by disgruntled SMME’s.

The current situation is an indictment on the absence of leadership and lack of commitment on the part of the ruling party in effectively dealing with a matter that has been left in resolved for far too long.

Whilst we acknowledge the grievances of these SMME’s, illegally holding councillors hostage and council to ransom will not help to resolve their concerns.

The trampling of the constitutional rights of others is never a solution.

We call on the city administration and the leadership of the metro, to urgently intervene in dealing with the concerns of these SMME’s related to awarding of contracts, non-payment and to fast track the implementation of the SMME policy drafted to promote these businesses.

The Democratic Alliance have proven our commitment to growing small business in the Western Cape and strongly support any efforts to grow this sector of the economy in creating economic opportunity and jobs.