Standerton dumping-site has become a health hazard to locals

Johannes van der Wath

DA councillor: Lekwa local municipality:

The stench at Standerton’s dumping site has become unbearable for the locals. This pollution could pose a health risk for residents residing in close to the dumping site.


Since 2011, the Democratic Alliance has written a number of letters to the local municipality asking them to cover the burning waste in order to seal the smell.


The DA also has it on good authority that teachers from a near-by schools have reported this matter to the municipality indicating that learners complain of headaches and that they are concerned that this might cause respiratory and other lung deceases later in life.


There are many ways of disposing waste, one of which is recycling and the municipality should consider this method which could lead to job creation and encourage entrepreneurship.


This week, the DA wrote questions to the MEC for CoGTA, Refilwe Mtshweni, on the status of the dumping site and requested the MEC to intervene.


Below are some of the questions which the DA asked from the MEC:


RE: Land fill site in Lekwa Local Municipality


In terms of rule 107 Subsection 2 of the rules and orders:


Regarding the land fill site in the Lekwa Local Municipality, will the Hon MEC please answer the following:


  1. Which Municipality is in control/management of the Standerton dumping site?
  2. Is the land fill site licensed and compliant with the NEMA, Act 59, 2008 Chapter (43-59)?
  3. Could the MEC please provide a comprehensive list indicating the status of whether this site is maintained, managed and fully functional? If not, what are the reasons and what alternative arrangements are in place?
  4. Could the MEC indicate whether pollution around the site is monitored, if not, what measures are being taking to ensure that residents around the site are not affected by the fumes from the land fill site?