The DA wrote to the MDB objecting against amalgamation of municipalities

Bosman Grobler MPL

DA spokesperson on COGTA:

The Democratic Alliance in Mpumalanga has written a letter to the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) formally objecting to the amalgamation of municipalities in the province.


These are some of the reasons why the DA does not support the amalgamation:


  1. The distances between the municipalities are too vast and the geographical size of the municipality will be unmanageable. As consequence, towns located far away from the municipal ‘seat of government’, are bound to be neglected when it comes to service delivery.


  1. It will be unsustainable to amalgamate a financially unstable municipality with one that is financially stable. The consequence in all probability will be one large financially unstable and unsustainable municipality.


The DA’s formal letter comes after violent protests in the municipality of Dipaliseng last week. Violent protests might increase as residence feel they are not heard.


The DA cannot condone violent protests, but sympathise with communities who’s voices are not heard. Through our deliberations with communities we have been requested to ask the MDB to reject the request for amalgamation in any municipality in Mpumalanga.


The DA therefore request the MDB to refrain from amalgamating municipalities in Mpumalanga, we believe that this will not be beneficial for the residence of the province, and that amalgamations might lead to more violent protest across the province.