Efforts by the DA to expose fraud and corruption bears fruit

Werner le Grange:

DA Chief Whip – Mbombela local municipality:

The DA in the Mbombela Council takes note of the report submitted by Mayor Sibusiso Mathonsi on the findings of the investigation into the alleged misconduct of the Municipal Manager, Noko Seanego, in the appointment of 18 by-law officials in the Mbombela Municipality.

Although the report does not directly implicate Seanego of any wrongdoing, it indicates weaknesses in the recruitment and selection process by the Municipality.

The DA believes that its efforts to have the alleged misconduct investigated by raising the matter in the media, as well as writing to the MEC and Minister for Cooperative Governance, the Public Protector and the Public Service Commission – has borne fruit.

The office of the MEC and the other two institution should use this report to further investigate these allegation and recommend further criminal or disciplinary action.

Further investigation by the Public Protector and Public Service Commission, will identify other loopholes in the recruitment and selection process of the Municipality and expose officials involved in attempting to manipulate the process.

The DA believes that the Office of the MEC and Minister will also ensure that these weaknesses are addressed by the Municipality and that relevant officials are held accountable.

The party trusts that by brining attention to this matter, future appointments will be made on merit and not by political or individual affiliation.

The DA will ask Mayor Mathonsi to provide council with an action plan at the next council meeting on how he plans to address the findings of this investigation and to make the report public for the sake of transparency.